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These postcard-sized dental appointment reminder cards are printed on heavyweight paper and have a glossy front and a writable back. Both sides are printed in color.

On the back of the dental appointment reminder is your dental practice info, your logo and your message; this can be a request to make an appointment or any other information. There is enough space left to stick a printed address label or to write the address manually.

If you want a more personalized front, we can also use a photo of your company or team, for example. Or your own design. We can also adjust the text on the front at your request. All this without extra costs. Just email us:

Prices: 500 pieces €190 / 1000 pieces €215 / 2500 pieces €295 / 5000 pieces €425

Shipping included to the Netherlands and Belgium / Excluding VAT / Higher quantities on request.


How to order:

1) Choose amount: (‘AANTAL OPROEPKAARTEN’)
2) Adjust text on the backside of your card: (‘Pas hier…dus bewerken’)
3) Optional: Upload logo or other file (‘Selecteer bestand’)
4) With logo ‘Post-Paid’ printed (‘met logo PORT BETAALD’): you don’t use stamps to send your cards but you are going to pay for the postal charges at the post office. Usefull if you have a lot of cards.
Without logo ‘Post-Paid’ printed (‘zonder logo PORT BETAALD’): you use stamps to send your cards.
5) Optional: Remarks or special requests: (Eventuele opmerkingen…invullen’)
6) Add to Cart: (‘toevoegen aan winkelwagen’)
7) Place your order (‘bestellen’)
8) You will receive a PDF proof within 1 working-day in your mailbox for your aproval before printing.
9) After the delivery of your cards you will receive the invoice in your mailbox

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